The Achaiahs are a Kodava family who have been running Gitanjali as a home stay for the past nine years. The Kodavas are a minority community from Kodagu district; a martial race with a fascinating culture based on ancestor worship.
Lovingly built thirty years ago, Gitanjali has always been a warm, hospitable home for any passing guest.

Our journey would not have been possible without our staff, several of whom have been with us for many years. Ever willing to make your stay comfortable, they along with Pegah, our loveable doggy and the two cats, Munchkin and Babykin, are an integral part of the extended family.

We enjoy sharing our home with visitors from across the globe. One-on-one interaction allows guests to take a peek in our lives. Experience the real India, over a cup of hot soup or freshly brewed coffee from our estate.

Loved by Travelers Worldwide